Sales Technology: Selling With Augmented Reality

Sep 05, 2011

Today we are launching a new report ‘Sales Technology: Selling With Augmented Reality.’

This is the second document in our ongoing series and follows on from the last report: Augmented Reality marketing strategies: how to guide for marketers

This document looks at how the technology can support every stage of the sales cycle. In particular, we look at how augmented reality can provide sales people with an impressive aide to enhance selling, sales pitches, presentations and other collateral.

Augmented reality is a hugely effective sales technology that can provide businesses with a genuine way to improve lead generation, qualification, proposals and delivery.

Beyond being an impactful way to present data or a product, the technology can help sales people apply series of powerful techniques to further communication, persuasion and client affinity with a product or service.

We go further than providing advice on how to use the technology, we’ve actually tested the technology too. 

The document outlines our end user research which has shown just how powerful the technology can be.

We recreated the famous Pepsi challenge, but this time comparing traditional display advertising versus augmented reality. 100 people were shown a display advert for a child’s toy, while another 100 were shown the child’s toy as an interactive augmented reality experience.

The findings showed that those exposed to an augmented reality experience would be more likely to purchase the product. They also put a higher perceived value on the product. The full details on the research are in the report and is available here Sales Technology: Selling With Augmented Reality

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