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Changing the way complex innovations
are communicated to the world


About us

Our passion, experience and expertise is in challenging the ordinary, exceeding expectations and creating exciting virtual experiences and videos that enhance engagement.

As focused specialists for the engineering and healthcare industries, we are able to apply a powerful mix of creative and technical skills to craft highly effective virtual experiences and videos showcasing sophisticated products and services.


Story first

Knowing what you need to communicate is often simple, but telling the story can be a challenge.  Collaborating with our clients, we help explore, focus and visualise that story so people listen, engage and understand. 

We take a bold and creative approach to help revolutionise the way our clients communicate. We encounter similar challenges on a regular basis and we have the experience and ability needed to identify the fundamental benefits and key messaging to communicate to your audience.


Ideas realised, clarity delivered

The products and services our clients provide are sophisticated, dangerous and often impossible to demonstrate.  Although each project is unique, we have a proven process that enables us to peel back the complexity to find the story hidden within. 

This process enables us to create solutions that grab the audience’s attention, tell compelling stories and communicate complex messages while enhancing engagement and provoking action. The consistency and quality of our outcomes is rooted in the strength of our process.

Book a 30 minute call today to allow us to understand your needs, challenges and complexities.


The experts

We are an approachable, dynamic and inquisitive team, with an inspiring mix of talented creative and technical professionals who constantly build upon their expertise.  We are transparent from the start, offering our clients the assurance that we will deliver to agreed deadlines and budgets. 

Our clients rely on us to guide them through a journey to clarity.  From concept through to delivery, we develop a strong sense of trust and belief in our ability to exceed expectations.  



Client Comments

The quality of this experience was exceptional and the reaction we’ve received from our stakeholders has been nothing short of fantastic. In addition to delivering a top quality product, I found their team extremely easy to work with in terms of flexibility and collaboration.

Michael Goldstein

Commercial Communications Leader

Simply put, they are part of the team. They made it a point to learn our business from day 1 and have excelled in this area where others have failed. Hidden brings critical thinking and a strong strategic mind-set along with excellent creative to each project. They seek out big challenges and have established a history of delivering great products in challenging timeframes.

David Harris

Digital Customer Engagement Leader

I was particularly impressed with just how easy it was to get things done! Hidden immediately understood what we needed and which messages would be the most important ones to concentrate on. Every step of the process was clear and the communication between you and us was always timely and productive.

Giovanni Dionori

Services Platform Communications Leader