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Virtual Experiences

The focus

Connect on a different level

Just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it can’t be experienced. Just because something is complex, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a joy to explore. Our virtual experiences make ideas a reality and allow users to control their journey, letting them learn as they explore in their own way.

The approach

Experience creators

Our expertise is in identifying the hidden story and the formulating the narrative that ties everything together. This is the approach we take with everything we do. The experiences we create place the viewer into the story rather than having them assume the role of passenger.

This gives the audience the ability to explore and learn about your product or service in their own way. This naturally leads to increased engagement and action.

The results

"During our experience working with Hidden, they proved to be very reliable. All the deadlines were met with a high-quality result. The service provided exceeded the performance criteria in terms of punctuality and outcome."

Daniele Bonacci
Technical Product Manager


Technology is
just a tool

As virtual experiences and the metaverse gain popularity, companies are increasingly utilising these platforms to showcase their products and services. This is because these immersive environments offer a more engaging and interactive experience, which leads to better understanding and increased action. To meet the demand for these cutting-edge experiences, we have created the Simmerse framework.

Our mission with Simmerse is to provide a versatile framework that supports the growing needs of B2B enterprises looking to deliver high-quality virtual and metaverse experiences and content.

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