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Power on Mars

Power on Mars


Colonisation on Mars

In the evolving commercialisation of the space race, ABB was motivated to develop a thought leadership piece for world leaders and politicians congregating at an annual industry summit.  ABB’s vision was to exhibit how they could potentially help this mission by showcasing how its real world technology would position itself and its solutions at the forefront of the mission.


A realistic journey through space

The main challenge of this project was combining the unknown territory of space travel with the need to create an entertaining and engaging VR experience.  Through a visually impactful story, the user leaves the earth’s orbit encountering the current ABB technologies used to benefit the earth today and goes on the demonstrate how these solutions could be used to facilitate a colony on Mars. With the target audience in mind, we developed a passive, system guided experience where the demand for interaction with the user is low but the knowledge gained is high.