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PromptBase and the Monetization of AI Whispering

Our team is having a friendly competition to see who can create the most interesting AI generated image using Midjourney. What has been produced so far is impressive and I think that they are all enjoying the creative side of it. Despite a lot of them being artists in some form or another, the creative side of this artsy contest is the crafting of the text string that is fed to the AI model. Then, it’s the thrill of ‘rolling of the dice’ to see what is actually produced.

It’s no surprise that the better crafted the text string, the more interesting the images it turns out.

One of our producers came across this article about PromptBase and how they are monetizing image generation services, in this case, DALLE 2 and GPT-3. PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling quality prompts for creating specific AI generated images. They call this “prompt engineering”. As we are quickly learning, there is definitely something valuable about being able to craft prompts that best leverage the AI model’s capabilities.

I think PromptBase is an amazing idea and another way to further decentralise the creation of art. As I mentioned before, not only is the tool remarkable in what it produces, it’s fun to create in this way. Allowing people a way to channel their inner ‘AI whispering’ skills broadens access to creative methods that anyone can use. Not everyone is born with an aptitude for artistic skills such as painting or drawing, but everyone has an imagination. PromptBase is providing a great way for a wider creative audience to participate in a very innovative way.

The future is going to bring many AI innovations for creating artistic content. I’ve written a piece on AI and Neural Networks to Create Virtual Content where I delve into the potential of AI generated content from within the metaverse environment, using natural language processing.

I can see us implementing some form of AI generated art facility into our creative processes in the near future, be it brainstorming ideas for client projects or conveying an artistic direction to our team. Aside from the efficiency a facility like this would provide, the clarity in conveying what is often only contained within the imagination would be priceless for those that lack the practical creative skills to otherwise communicate their thoughts visually.

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