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We’ve Moved, from a Metaverse

Remote working has been an adventure. Like most adventures, we didn’t enjoy every aspect of it, but we do consider it a very insightful time regarding how things will be different going forward. The reason we say ‘We’ve Moved, from a Metaverse’ is better explained in a piece we recently posted: What is the metaverse and why should I care?. In short, our perception of the metaverse is a bit different from the typical take on this virtual world.

To us, ‘from a metaverse’ means that we’re back from a time when our digital life had more meaning to us than our physical life. Lockdown and the subsequent prominence of remote working have been learning experiences for us all. As a business that relies on close collaboration within the team, we’ve paid a keen eye on several aspects of each phase of the past and present transitional periods. We break it down in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Fully remote (a metaverse)
  • Phase 2 – Hybrid with an emphasis on remote working
  • Phase 3 – Hybrid with an emphasis on being in-the-office (present phase)

If we were going to sum things up in a paragraph as to how we’ve approached this, it would be…

The work life balance has never been more relevant and everyone has had a real taste of this. As a business, the caveat is that we need to accommodate this new mindset while staying competitive and efficient. The biggest challenge we’ve found in hybrid working is communication and how the lack of it impacts accuracy, quality and production efficiency.

Comfort and convenience are two of the primary motivations for the desire to work from home. We acknowledge this and this has been the primary reason for the BIG news for us here at Hidden… We have a new home on King Street in Manchester!

Not just a new home, a new home right in the heart of the city. We’re close to public transport and situated in a building with character, heritage and most of all, a relaxed and flexible working environment. We have cycle storage, showers and a coffee shop on the ground floor (coming soon) along with several other amenities. It’s a comfortable and convenient place to work together.

We searched high and low for places that met the requirements of our hybrid working arrangement and we finally found The Reform Club in Spring Gardens. The building was constructed in the Victorian era between 1870–1871 and eventually renamed The Manchester Club in 1967. It’s a Venetian Gothic style building with contemporary offices and amenities. Residing at the top of King Street, it’s a lovely building from a foregone era, updated and now occupied by modern progressive companies.

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