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Digital Marine Vision

Digital Marine Vision

Peter O'Brien, Creative Director, Hidden

"This is a project that we absolutely thrived on. As the main objective of this project was to communicate something that doesn’t actually exist yet, it gave us an immense sense of creativity to develop a solution that would immerse the audience and inspire them on what their future could look like."


The future of the marine industry

Traditionally, the marine industry relies on manpower and expertise, leading to a dependence on key decision makers and ultimately inefficiency. In recent years, the marine industry is undergoing a huge transformation, moving from analogue to digitised operations with GE pioneering this innovation to benefit the industry as a whole.  To communicate its vision, GE wanted to capture how the digital world is integral to everyday life and what the marine industry could look like with a humanised digital strategy. 


A humanised digital strategy

The challenge was to create a video to be used at GE’s annual conference that would excite and engage the audience about future possibilities, without losing the human touch.  Using a presenter-led story with integrated 3D augmentations, we took the audience on a journey from the current decision making process through to what that process would look like with data-driven intelligence. The story concludes with a look into the future of the marine industry, explaining its digital evolution and how applying technology correctly can improve the connection of humans and digital.