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ABB Ability™
Industrial Software

ABB Ability™ <br/> Industrial Software


Industrial transformation initiatives

Historically known as a software integrator, ABB now wants to be recognised as a software company, which is being called ABB Ability™ Industrial Software.  Where connections are at the centre of everything in the industrial world, ABB is pioneering an interconnected suite of industrial grade software solutions to help build connections to grow and improve operations.  As part of their launch campaign, ABB needed a solution to introduce ABB Ability Industrial Software to the industry, showcasing its capabilities whilst clearly illustrating the benefits the software suite can bring to industrial transformation initiatives.


Communication via interconnectivity

This project challenged us to come up with a solution that demonstrates the comprehensive capabilities of ABB Ability™ Industrial Software while also clearly demonstrating how ABB’s five value pillars – Operational Excellence, Sustainability, Asset Performance, Process Performance and Connected Workforce – are interconnected. Since each pillar represents an area of industrial operations, we knew our solution would need to distil and simplify complex information while demonstrating how these operational units work together and how they are interconnected.

The capabilities of the software were visually communicated via an interconnected graphic. This video is a fast-paced story moving through graphics that showcases the industrial sectors and features of ABB’s software.