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ABB Ability™

ABB Ability™ <br/> OCTOPUS


Intelligent operational decision support

Providing intelligent operational decision support for increased safety, availability and efficiency, ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS Marine Advisory system has been developed by the industry leader in motion-based route optimisation.  At its core, OCTOPUS is a powerful analysis tool able to gather data from many sources and provide actionable advice specific to an individual vessel.  The complexities ordinarily involved in the decision making process of vessel operations are eased to make journeys smoother and more predictable.


Actionable recommendations

As OCTOPUS’ capabilities are extensive and complex, the challenge was to visually showcase the multiple data sources it pulls from the translation messages back to the crew across various operational functions.  Using two impactful visual elements at its core, we created a video that effectively positions ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS as the market leader.  As a first step, we designed an animated octopus interacting with different data sources to illustrate how the software functions as the brain of the fleet of vessels.  A narrative was then developed to transition from external data sources such as weather and wave conditions to the internal environment of the vessel, where OCTOPUS’ recommendations could be implemented by crew members.