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Marine digitisation strategy

The performance of a fleet of vessels depends on the monitoring and management of many variables, such as environmental factors, technical factors and voyage performance. ABB has developed a groundbreaking new digital offering called OVERSEA as part of its marine digitisation strategy. In real time, OVERSEA provides easy access to fleet performance via a digital solution that encompasses all relevant areas affecting operational performance.

OVERSEA is a flexible software offering that can be used by customers in two ways. Option one is to implement the the software on a SaaS basis into their onshore and vessel infrastructure. The second option includes the implementation of the SaaS model with the addition of access to ABB’s support centre where they provide monitored support service.


Real life benefits

It was vital to make sure the messaging was clear while demonstrating the different models available from OVERSEA’s fleet performance management software. Our video seamlessly transitions the audience through real-life situations, including a ship, a customer control room, and centralised support, using high-end special effects and computer generated graphics. In order to ensure credibility, we took the time to learn the software so that we could incorporate the design and layout into the video. Our goal was to demonstrate the breadth of OVERSEA’s capabilities and to position it in roles and environments that would resonate with the audience.