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EconiQ Circuit Breaker

EconiQ Circuit Breaker

Tonimir Petrov, Global Communications Manager, Product Group Switchgear, Hitachi Energy

"The key to the success of this project has been the readiness to collaborate, fast reaction time, and dedication of the Hidden team throughout. The final video looks incredible and it's a great testament to the level of excellence Hidden delivers. I am looking forward to proudly showcasing this video worldwide."


Innovation breaking through

Driving their sustainability pledge forward, Hitachi Energy has developed the world’s first 420kv eco-efficient circuit breaker. Innovators in their space, Hitachi Energy needed a solution that would exhibit the components of the product whilst demonstrating the significant sustainability benefits of their launch campaign.


Logical digital benefits

This product was to be launched as a game changer for the industry, so it demanded a cutting-edge solution to showcase its capabilities. With the objective of digitally recreating the product in 3D, we collaboratively developed a logical storyline with the Hitachi Energy team to accurately demonstrate the key functionalities and monumental benefits it will bring to the industry.