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Virtual Experiences

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Designed to enhance how industrial engineering companies showcase their capabilities, from birds eye view, down to the most intricate details.

Industry / Vertical Markets Landscape

Visualise your company’s role within specific industries through detailed 3D landscapes, highlighting your market reach and operational scope.

Solution or System

Explore complex systems and facilities integral to industrial sectors. This interactive experience details how various components combine to create comprehensive solutions.


Examine individual products or entire portfolios with an in-depth look at features, benefits, and applications, providing a detailed understanding of each offering.

Components & Subcomponents

Delve into the details of components, enabling a deep comprehension of product assembly and engineering.

Flow Path Visualization

Showcase the experience of a product in use, from visualising flow paths to simulated in-situ usage.

Unlock endless possibilities with immersive demonstrations

Virtual meeting tools have helped sales teams to rapidly adapt to remote and hybrid working, but now teams need the interaction and engagement of real world meetings and demonstrations.

Simmerse helps you to take advantage of immediate understanding and knowledge transfer without leaving your desk.

Sales and Marketing

Innovation Centers and Events

Education and Demonstration

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Simmerse, developed by hidden Creative, is a revolutionary Immersive Demonstration Platform (IDP) designed to transform sales and marketing communication

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