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H-Class Gas Turbine

H-Class Gas Turbine


Precision engineering

GE wanted to bring to market its H-Class Gas turbine, offering the most cost-effective conversion of natural gas to electricity in its class. In a world of fierce contest where maximum uptime is key, competitive advantage is gained through engineering expertise and fine-tuning, which is exactly what the H-Class Gas Turbine offered.  Built on a giant scale, the H-Class Gas Turbine has been designed to help tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions, maximising uptime and driving efficiencies. 


Industrial efficiency and sustainability

With such an immense piece of engineering, comes a great deal of complexity and intricacy. The first challenge was to understand the inner workings of the H-Class Gas Turbine to ensure we could digitally recreate the product exactly. To demonstrate the benefits of the turbine, we chose to follow the journey the gas would take, showcasing precision and delicacy. We added live action footage with a hologram overlay to show digital interconnectivity and how this product fits with GE’s wider digital strategy.