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Heat Pump Showcase

Heat Pump Showcase


Uncovering the dynamic thinking

Johnson Controls required a video to showcase its Heat Pump product. They wanted the video to communicate its importance in the district heating sector and also showcase the engineering elements at the component level as well as demonstrating the product’s digital connectivity. Traditionally Johnson Controls’ video output was dry and not dynamic so they challenged us to think differently and visually show their products in a unique way.


Finding the simplicity in connectivity

Led by Johnson Control’s brand colours, we looked at how we could incorporate them digitally, ultimately deciding to apply a digital X Ray effect to regional maps and city landscape views.  This drew attention to, and suggested the components that are hidden within the everyday aspects of the industry. 

Working under strict confidential guidelines, this process enabled us to highlight features at the component level without revealing the inner workings in granular detail.  The X Ray effect allowed us to provide the feel of detail without showing too much, whilst at the same time alluding to all aspects of the product being digitally connected.