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Part 2 of 3: Simmerse – A game changing use of the metaverse for B2B companies

This is the second part of a three part series so If you’ve not yet read part 1, the following link will take you there – ‘What is the metaverse and why should I care?

There are a lot of examples of metaverse uses for the B2C world, some good and some not so good. The focus of this article is to provide an example of a platform designed specifically for B2B companies, no matter how sophisticated the product or service they provide.

For over 10 years, we’ve been delivering the most immersive and visually stunning virtual environments for our clients, who trust us implicitly to lead the way through this ever evolving and advancing technological landscape. As pioneers of the immersive space, our team specialise in mixing state-of-the art technologies to create something truly unique.

Given the previous statement, we feel as though we have expert knowledge in this space and we’ve put our money where our mouth is… Our mission was to create a flexible framework to support the growth of B2B (enterprise) requirements for the delivery of Metaverse experiences and content. Enter the Simmerse framework.

We developed Simmerse, through a combination of gaming engine technology, multiplayer capability and interactive 3D content to implement an immersive virtual experience like no other.

We set out to provide a revolutionary platform that would change the way brands are able to communicate products, services, and messaging, making it easy for remote audiences to engage in collective communication through a truly immersive and unique experience.

Simmerse delivers that, and then some.

Our clients consist of some of the largest engineering and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Including ABB, Baker Hughes, Formula E and Johnson & Johnson.  The products and services our clients provide are sophisticated, dangerous, and often impossible to demonstrate, and the strategists, engineers, and biochemists to whom they’re talking, are inquisitive, fact-driven mega-minds. PowerPoint presentations don’t really cut it.

Our goal with creating Simmerse was to address the following primary problems for our clients:

Problem 1: With the increasing advancement of innovation, the communication of sophisticated products, services, and messaging is becoming more and more difficult, with traditional methods no longer cutting through the noise.

Problem 2: Audiences expectations are increasing dramatically with the smartest, tech-savvy audience demanding more advanced methods of engagement.

Problem 3: Our clients have worldwide audiences and a dispersed workforce and there are logistical barriers to presenting engaging content en masse with meeting/event dropout rates being high.

Problem 4: Competition is strong, and customers’ demands are rising, adopting technology and tools to gain a competitive edge is high priority.

Simmerse was designed to provide this audience with universally accessible, exciting, immersive content tailored to their unique requirements and business motivations, allowing them to interact and interrogate it in their own way.

This innovative and creative use of technology meant the environments we created were not only completely navigable and free-flowing but gave the host the ability to control the view for the audience. This control allowed the host to guide the audience through the experience like they would in the real world.

Another revolutionary aspect of Simmerse is its ability to host a multitude of content types, allowing the client to use their existing content but also giving them the opportunity to create and host new interactive content; something they haven’t been able to do in the past. This new level of interactivity gives a near real-life experience to the audience.

Uptake of the system has exceeded expectations to such an extent that we’ve had to upscale our team to meet demand. ABB, Baker Hughes, Johnson Controls, Formula E and Johnson & Johnson are all currently using the platform to provide global audiences with a variety of virtual environments from events and sales meetings to an on-demand website accessible to anyone, anywhere, 24/7.

Our clients can now demonstrate their product and service capabilities virtually, in a way they couldn’t do before. For example, engineers can explore sophisticated products to better understand how they fulfil their requirements. This elevated user experience has been just one benefit of Simmerse. Clients are now seeing reduced costs and increased productivity as the platform eliminates traditional client engagement costs, such as hotels and airfare, also reducing carbon emissions.

ABB compiled a performance report for their HVAC virtual event. This was the first event of this format and scale in the ABB Motion division and garnered unprecedented success. They had 616 registrations, 42% attendance rate (up from 10%), registrants from 60 countries and a 5.5% conversion rate (up from 1.1%).

In a world where remote working has become an everyday experience, Simmerse has transformed it into an extraordinary one.

Through a bold and creative approach to the innovation process, we’ve developed the most compelling immersive multi-user experience of its kind, with a platform enabling rapid deployment and hosting of interactive experiences and dynamic content, reinventing the way brands can share knowledge, stories and events. Providing high-impact messaging and direct peer-to-peer collaboration, Simmerse transports users to the most remote places, enabling exploration on a whole new level. Through this immersive, engaging and future-proofed technology we’re revolutionising the way we communicate, forever.

If you would like to experience Simmerse for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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