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Part 1 of 3: What is the metaverse and why should I care?


Part 1

This is part one of a three part series titled: ‘What the Metaverse Really Means for B2B Companies.

Answering the latter first, if your life involves some element of digital interaction, be it at work or in your personal life, you should care about the metaverse. However, the question isn’t ‘what’ is the metaverse, rather, it’s ‘when’ is the metaverse?

A lot has been made of the metaverse in terms of it being something we are all going to be a part of in the future. We believe that this will be true in one way or another, but our view on what the metaverse really is may differ from what has been popularly conveyed.

Most people think “the metaverse” is a virtual place like in the movie Ready Player One. But what if it’s not a place? What if it’s a moment in time..?

With regard to artificial intelligence, there is an eventuality referred to as “the singularity”. It’s the moment in time when AI becomes more intelligent than the human race.

The metaverse is the moment in time when our digital life is more meaningful to us than our physical life.

This isn’t an overnight change, it’s a gradual change that’s been happening for years. Every part of life is going digital… Work has gone from factories to laptops and boardrooms to Zoom meetings. Friends, from neighbours to followers i.e. Twitter and Reddit.

Everything has gone digital… Your friends, your job, your identity. Now, with crypto, your assets are online too. So if you play this forward another decade or so, we will cross into the metaverse. The moment in time where digital matters more to us than the physical.

Our attention has been diverted from the physical to digital. And where attention goes, money and effort will follow. Many of us now dedicate at least 50% of our attention to a digital screen. So, it’s arguable that many of us already reside in the metaverse in one form or another. Soon, we will wear smart glasses and our level of attention to our digital lives will go from 50% to ~90%+.

Like anything, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s just a thing that everyone needs to be aware of and, at best, understand how this new dynamic will impact their lives. Businesses are no different. Enabling the workforce to embrace this new frontier on all levels is going to be a key element to those that will thrive in this business environment.

Our Simmerse architecture is meant to do just that. Our immersive virtual environment is designed to enable our clients such ABB and Johnson & Johnson to gain their first meaningful foothold in the metaverse. Simmerse provides them with a multitude of functionality that connects multiple professionals in a virtual environment for the purpose of:

  • Events – Scheduled, structured experiences for large or small groups
  • Sales – Private, one-to-one or group experience
  • Showcase – Always available public experiences

Our mission is to create a flexible framework to support the growth of B2B (enterprise) requirements for the delivery of Metaverse experiences and content. If this is something that interests you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a demonstration.

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